America’s most hated and despised minority: The wealthy.

Welcome to (PAID). Many of us are small-business owners/managers and deal with unfairness each day. There is no other place like this anywhere on the web. Here we have organized a place to report any negative activity against the achievement of the American Dream. By this we mean topics like usury taxes, bashing the wealthy, soaking the richx, media bias, tax and spend liberals, liberal bias, and class warfare. Here we name names and offer dire warnings to those who wish us harm. We are powerful united!

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We bring together those who’ve experienced their version of the American Dream and those who wish to attain it. However, all is not well as the American Dream is being attacked and compromised, daily. If our enemies have their way the great dream will dissipate before our very eyes. The attacks have begun and we must begin to fight back. Only if we act together by communicating between ourselves can we assure that the dream will continue for our children and theirs.

If this is your first visit here please read the Preamble. This will speak of our challenge as it explains how negatively some powerful interests perceive us. Secondly, you should read the FAQ page to get a sense of how can assist you personally. Finally, mention us to all out there who wish to assure the American Dream’s survival. Visit us often and contribute your comments and reactions to what you read here. Alone we are abused, together we are infused!

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Tuxedo's and Brown Shoes

I remember watching the Tonight Show many years ago when Johnny Carson’s guest was the classic 50’s comic George Goble who was going on about how he just doesn’t understand the state of the youth culture and he felt so out of sync with them.  He delivered the line of the night that broke Johnny up to the point of tears when he said that “sometimes he feels like the whole world is a giant tuxedo and he was a brown pair of shoes.”  I now know exactly what he meant.  I think that tuxedo analogy best explains my personal feelings these days as I meet people who tell me that they are exceedingly comfortable with Barack Obama as President. 


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Welcome All to Barack-A-Lot

This is my end-of-year Holiday greeting to all members and readers of Preserve the American Dream (PAID).  Our struggle to keep the American Dream alive has suffered greatly in 2008.   The results of the end-of-year general elections have given us a new variety of politicians who are too liberal to even know that the American Dream will suffer under their noses.  America got what it deserves for letting its guard down and putting its belief in the mainstream media.  What this unfortunate turn of events has given us can best be described as a fairyland called Barack-a-lot, similar to Camelot but without the wide screen and soundtrack.  Instead of King Arthur’s marriage to Queen Guinevere, we have King Barack’s divorce from all the things that make America great. 


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Obama victory proves fine line between insanity and culture

When Barack Obama won the fierce battle between he and John McCain to become the leader of the free world it solidified the belief that nonsense could become doctrine if one and only one criterion was met.  That one element is abundance.  Think about the odds for a man who has no background in running anything, to become the President of the greatest country on earth.  It would be difficult to believe that such a tilted reality could occur.  But, there is a very fine line between insanity and culture.   Because so many people believed his message and because so many were encouraged, this outlandish and impossible task by a man who has a tarnished and questionable background became foundational and plausible.  That’s what happens when an insane, albeit an impossible dream surges through the unsuspecting culture. 


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Nobody is saying what needs to be said, so here goes…

After knowing everything about Barack Obama’s dubious past, like his infamous terrorist friends or his most liberal voting record or lying about his relationship with his America-hating preacher, and you still feel the need to vote for him as the leader of the free world, you are a very stupid person. 


There can be no other reason for your irrational and damaging decision.   In stating this observation however, I assume you do not count yourself among that group of tried and true Democrats who will never vote for any candidate except a Democrat.  This group of unfortunates is caught in a time warp and can be excused from the “stupidity” title because they do not have a fair understanding that their beloved Democrat party has been hijacked by leftist socialists and that their once party of Roosevelt and the New Deal simply doesn’t exist anymore.  Time alone will cure them.


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"I Want To Save The Planet"

With those certifiably insane words, House Speaker and the most egomaniacal elitist Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, ordered all Senators to take a five week summer vacation and totally ignore the cries of the people.  Many Americans cannot vacation this summer because of the high price of gasoline.  In propelling this unfortunate act the Democrat leadership is officially stonewalling any measure that will relax the congressional ban on offshore drilling.  Once again Pelosi has proven that she is a Destroyer of the American Dream (DEAD).  However, this is much more than a Pelosi problem.  It is a Democrat party problem in that they want prices of gasoline to continually increase.  That is undeniable.  Democrats have an obstructionist mentality, an ideological commitment to high energy prices, even as the country is calling out for relief at the pumps.  Is there any wonder that Pelosi, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats are currently enjoying a pitiful 9% favorable approvable rating among the American people?  That means 91% object to most everything they decide and they still won’t listen to common sense.


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If You Love Your Country, It’s Time To Get Tough With Those Who Don’t

Barack Obama is a Destroyer of the American Dream (DEAD).  He wants to raise taxes to hardworking Americans (income tax, employment tax, capital gains tax, death tax, oil tax etc.) and he wants to give billions of those dollars to Americans who do not take responsibility for their own lives, actions or decisions.  He wants to engage in dialogue with sworn enemies of the United States and has said that he will break bread with one enemy who has sworn to wipe America’s ally Israel off the face of the earth and who has denied that the Holocaust ever took place. 


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I have seen the future and unfortunately it’s….. New Jersey

You don’t have to look any further than the state of New Jersey if you wish to see what America will look like with a Marxist-like President Obama.  A few weeks ago sponsored Bloggers Row of the first annual Defending the American Dream-New Jersey Convention and boy did we get an earful from the speakers.  New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is about the closest comparison that one can make to Mr. Obama and his election promises.  Corzine, who bought the office of Governor with his incredible personal wealth, believes in continuously raising every type of taxes, unrestrained Government spending on welfare and other social programs, increasing the size of government and dishonoring the very people who elected him as Governor.  New Jersey is a microcosm of what America will look like with an Obama led Senate and Congress.  Read the following and weep, as you ready yourself for a potential Obama Presidency.  Here are only some of the FACTS:


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